Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Economic Development Corporation (ATNI-EDC) is a wholly-owned, separately-financed subsidiary of ATNI.   ATNI-EDC was formed in 1996 pursuant to ATNI Resolution #96-17, and recognized underATNI Resolution #96-77.  ATNI-EDC’s mission is to provide financial and technical assistance in the areas of community and economic development, and is primarily funded through Federal Grants and by the income received from the loan program.  Past Successes: Since its formation, ATNI-EDC has provided programming in the areas of tourism, fish marketing, technology, and energy, and has provided targeted technical assistance to advance economic development for ATNI Member Tribes.  It’s Buy-Indian program aimed to add value to Indian products and services, and encompassed sub-programs such as the salmon marketing program and the exploration of an inter-tribal wheat co-op.  ATNI-EDC’s past efforts benefitted inter-tribal tourism through publication of beautiful, full-color tourism guides.


Happy New Year!  I am elated to have been selected as Executive Director of ATNI-EDC.   I have been in this position for seven months now, and it has been a whirlwind of an adventure.  Following Mike Burton, I know that I have big shoes to fill, and I’m ready to rise to the challenge!  During this transition, we are taking a step back and evaluating how ATNI-EDC can be most useful to ATNI Member Tribes.  One way we are doing that is through developing our Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  We are also continuing our loan program without interruption, and planning the 2017 Tribal Energy and Economic Development Summit that will take place in Portland in July. 

I want to extend a warm “Thank you” to our attorney David Shaw and ONABEN for their generous office furniture donation.  The Portland ATNI office has received a new conference table, work desk, entry couch and chairs, book shelves, filing cabinets, projectors, and more!  Please stop by and see the new set-up!

So much of working in Indian Country is about forming relationships, and trust within those relationships.  I look forward to meeting those of you that I haven’t met yet, and growing relationships with those of you who I have the good fortune to know.  Feel free to contact me at any time at amber@atniedc.com, or on my cell: (971) 678-9721.


Economic Development Visioning Workshop, Wednesday January 25 during ATNI Winter Convention

Join us as we explore the question:  What is a Tribal/ Inter-Tribal economy?  The conversation will form the basis of ATNI-EDC’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), and will shape the strategic direction of ATNI-EDC.  This is the first of three visioning workshops that will inform the strategic direction of ATNI-EDC.  The subsequent workshops will build on the information gathered during this session.  The workshop is interactive, and is designed for ATNI-EDC to listen more than talk. 

Questions that we are exploring include:

 - How do we define “economy?”  Is it different than Western interpretations of economy?

 - Where were we with economic development 20 years ago?  10 years ago?   What successes have gotten us to where we are today?

 - Where do we want to be in 20 years?  What does success look like?

Your input is valuable.  Please consider attending the Economic Development Visioning Workshop.  The Economic Development Visioning Workshop will take place during the ATNI Winter Convention on Wednesday, January 25.  See master agenda for the room location.



The ATNI-EDC Revolving Loan Fund began in 2001, and is primarily funded by Federal sources.  Loans are available for ATNI Tribal member entrepreneurs.  For information, contact Amber Schulz-Oliver at amber@atniedc.com


Current capital loaned out:                  $665,420

Capital leveraged via partnerships:      $385,422

Total capital loaned out today:                       $1,050,842

Total amount loaned to date:              $2.3 Million

Total available to loan                                    $45,000



July 17-19, 2017 in Portland, Oregon

The 2017 Tribal Energy & Economic Development Summit is an event to gather tribes, tribal energy, and economic development organizations, industry, and utility/infrastructure partners for the purpose of advancing sovereign and economic initiatives in the energy, technology, and economic infrastructure sectors.  The 2017 summit builds from insights and partnerships gained during the Tribal Energy, Technology, & Economic Summit that took place in August of 2015.

Many new challenges and opportunities exist in the energy sector, and in economic development. In the 21st Century, energy independence will play a critical role in Tribes’ ability to effectively govern, exercise their inherent sovereignty, and advance economic self-sufficiency. Tribes can play a key role overall in advancing broader energy and economic interests, as many have significant land, natural resources, water rights, capacity, workforces, and more.  The opportunities for advancing energy several key areas, including: governance, business, environment, climate resiliency, education, healthcare, emergency systems, public safety, housing, and more.  Further, ATNI-EDC is developing it’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), and the third Visioning Session will take place to shape the direction of the new strategy.  The time is now to bring tribes and industry together to collaborate on mutually beneficial opportunities.  The 2017 Tribal Energy and Economic Development Summit will take place July 17-19, 2017 in Portland, Oregon at the McMenamins Kennedy School.  



By J. David Tovey, ATNI-EDC Board Member

As the ATNI Economic Development Corporation has been in recent transition with our new Executive Director Amber Schulz-Oliver, it’s important that we recognize the hard work and efforts of our long-term prior E.D. Michael Burton.  Some 10 years ago, while recruiting for an ATNI-EDC Executive Director, I was personally overwhelmed that Mike expressed interest in the position.  If you didn’t know, Mike was periodically top official within the State’s economic development arm, now known as Business Oregon.  In the Oregon economic development circles, Mike has been a rock star, having served as a director of a central Oregon council of governments, various local and State roles, and from a small business family in Corvallis.  Mike immediately took the EDC to another level, particularly in terms of the Revolving Loan Fund and ATNI Financial Services.  We all know that Mike and his lovely wife, Allison are enjoying life in Fall City, Oregon growing organic vegetables and outdoor hobbies.  Part of our arrangement at the point of his retirement was that he continue to serve on the Financial Services board of directors. Once you’re in the ATNI family, you are forever.  Thank you for everything, Mike!

ATNI-EDC Newsletter

January, 2017



Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Economic Development Corporation

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