ATNI Climate Change Project Goals

ATNI, in partnership with the Institute for Tribal Government, established the ATNI Climate Change Project in June, 2014
Ensure ATNI member Tribes are engaged and aware of the federal/state/tribal climate change programs;
Serve as a clearing house for and coordinator of tribal and intertribal efforts;
Support ATNI’s participation in regional, national, and international climate policy, adaptation, and mitigation efforts
Support ATNI member Tribes in identifying and securing Climate Change funding to build tribal capacity

Tribal Climate Change Policy Principles

Vision: Provide guidance to the federal government in developing and implementing administrative and legislative actions related to Indigenous Peoples and climate change.


National Congress of American Indians
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

BIA Climate Resiliency 

ATNI-USET Bi-Coastal Collaborative Project – Tribal Leaders Summit, Workshops, and Tribal Climate Camp
ATNI Climate Change Management/Research Internships and Youth Education
ATNI Travel Support to engage with regional and national climate change forums
Partnership with Pacific NW Tribal Climate Project – University of Oregon
Tribal Liaison for NW Climate Science Center
Columbia River Tribal Climate Change Capacity Assessment
Helped fund Nooksack Project (2015) and Point No Point Treaty Council Project (2016)

Building Regional Capacity - ATNI Climate Change Internships and Youth Engagement Initiative 2016

Six Climate Change Management & Research Internships

Provide employment, training, and travel support to provide 3 management internships and 3 research internships

BIA Northwest Region Office – Portland (David Redhorse), the ATNI Portland office, North Pacific LCC (John Mankowski), Wisdom of the Elders – Portland (Atah Cocker and Karlen Yallup) – Looking for Tribal partners for summer 2017

Youth Engagement Project                

ATNI Tribal youth engagement project in collaboration with the Wisdom of the Elders and Puyallup Tribe. Developed 2 films on tribal climate impacts.

CC Culture from Wisdom of the Elders on Vimeo.

Ericha's Huckleberry Project from Wisdom of the Elders on Vimeo.

Presented by ATNI youth at the 2nd Annual Tribal Leaders Summit on Climate Change on September 13 & 14th. Available on ATNI Website for tribes to use.


2nd Annual Tribal Leaders Summit on Climate Change (Sept 14-15, 2016) partnered w/ Tulalip Tribe, hosted by Lummi

Best practices and approaches to address climate change impacts to Tribes and tribal communities
Discuss strategies to protect Tribal treaty rights and trust resources
Need for immediate government-government consultation on climate impacts and programs
Tribes must be consulted with on funding and allocation to better meet tribal needs
Establish a National Tribal Climate Workgroup (ATNI reps)
ATNI Resolution to be presented for approval Thursday

Regional Outreach: ATNI & Pacific NW Tribal Climate Project Partnership

The PNW Tribal Climate Project provides the following services to NW Tribes & ATNI:
Task 1. Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Network
Facilitation of monthly Tribal Climate Change Network calls and meeting minutes. PNW Tribal Climate Change Webpage - ATNI added as a partner to the Tribal Climate Change Project in the website header
Task 2. Climate Science Connections Database
Development and update of the Climate-Science Connections Database for Tribes (ATNI will be added as a partner to the Tribal Climate Change Guide).
Task 3. Assist with outreach for ATNI Climate Change Initiatives
Dissemination of information about all ATNI climate change initiatives through the PNW Tribal Climate Change Network, website and regular email bulletins.

Contacts on Climate Principles

Robert Gruenig, Tribal Environmental Policy Center,

Kathy Lynn, University of Oregon,

Gary Morishima,  Quinault Indian Nation,

Garrit Voggesser, National Wildlife Federation,

Kyle Powys Whyte, Michigan State University,


ATNI & USET Bi-Coastal Climate Change Workshop 2016 | Oneida, NY 2016

Powerpoint Presentations attached below:


ATNI Climate Change Project