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September 14-17, 2015

Hosted by: Kalispel Tribe of Indians at Northern Quest Resort & Casino, Spokane, WA

Please see the ATNI Fall Annual Convention Event Page for presentations



 Amicus Brief - Agua Caliente Case

The attached document concerns an important Tribal groundwater case on appeal before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Agua Caliente Tribe of California is the plaintiff in the lawsuit.  Agua Caliente won the first round in the district court and the local water districts filed the appeal.
ATNI is distributing this document in effort to secure additional tribal support/participation for an amicus curiae brief. There is NO Cost to sign on to the Brief. A sample a letter to sign onto the Brief is attached for use by tribes. Thank you for your help with this important issue.


News Item

ATNI Drug Abuse & Prevention Summit 2015 Survey

Last month the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) hosted a Drug Summit at the Lummi Indian Nation with the objective of identifying Best Practices from a comprehensive perspective regarding different subject areas. Over 70 participants from 17 tribes met to identify and address the critical issues of alcohol and drug abuse on our reservations. 

In working with Eastern Washington University, we have developed this quick response follow-up survey in order to begin collecting more detailed information from every ATNI member Tribe and, we have scheduled a follow-up strategic planning workshop session for this issue at the upcoming ATNI Fall Annual Convention, September 13th, 2015 from 2-5:00 pm.

In order to continue to address the issues with tribal community feedback, we would like to ask you to please assist us by answering the questions relevant to you, and to forward the survey to the most appropriate departments at your reservation.

We are seeking as many responses as possible in each of the following areas:

Tribal CouncilTribal Human ResourcesTribal CourtsTransportation
Tribal Law EnforcementEmergency Medical ServicesTribal Health and Human Services/Behavioral Health

We hope to have preliminary findings from this survey by the ATNI Fall conference, and will have copies of the survey results available. This information will guide the strategic planning workshop around drug abuse and prevention on reservations, and help us make plans for next steps, including a direct follow-up to the fall convention.

In reporting the data we will ask respondents to identify their tribe, but all data will be treated with confidentially. Any information that may be viewed in a negative light will not be identified with a specific tribe. For example, we may ask for number of drug related deaths. We will not identify a specific tribe with that amount, but only use the totals. We will ask for "best practices" and if authorized we will provide specific tribal names for innovative actions or programs that have been successful. We want to highlight tribal projects that are effective and successful. While you may not be able to answer all the questions, your best effort will be greatly appreciated.

Please consider participating in the survey as we continue to address the many drug related issues that negatively impact our communities. Survey direct link for sharing:


ATNI Drug Abuse & Prevention Summit 2015

July 27-28th, 2015

Wexliem Community Building, Bellingham, WA  


Please visit our Drug Abuse & Prevention Summit 2015 Event Page for a copy of presentations and follow up items



“Future of Tribal Economic Self-Determination”

August 11-13, 2015, Portland, Oregon